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As a consumer, purchasing new appliances and electronics can be an expensive and daunting task. Often, we find ourselves waiting until our old devices stop working before considering a replacement. However, with careful planning and timing, you can upgrade to the latest models while also saving money.

When considering purchasing new appliances, the best time to buy is when you can find the best deal. However, there are specific times of the year known for sharp and competitive pricing. According to U.S. News and World Reports, the best months to purchase major appliances are between September and December.

During this period, major brands release new models, and Black Friday sales offer bigger discounts than any other time of the year. For washers and dryers, Readers Digest recommends shopping during Black Friday to get the best deal.

Similarly, the holiday season is an ideal time to purchase electronics like televisions. Good Housekeeping suggests that the biggest shopping event of the year, both in-store and online, offers the best prices. In addition, January and February are excellent months to purchase new electronics introduced at the CES annual tech trade show held in Las Vegas.

Mobile phone manufacturers have events timed throughout the year to introduce new devices to the market. The best time to purchase a mobile phone could be immediately after a launch event, when previous models are heavily discounted. Cyber Monday is also one of the best times to purchase new technology online, according to Tech Radar.

When making these large purchases, it is essential to choose a retailer that offers hassle-free extended service contracts. At Centricity, we believe that customers shouldn’t have to struggle when a product breaks and needs to be repaired. That’s why we partner with retailers and manufacturers to provide customized product protection solutions to drive revenue and result in having more loyal and happy customers.

If you want to learn more about product protection plans and customized implementation and training for your team, contact us today.

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With a little planning and timing, you can upgrade to the latest appliances and electronics while also saving money and enjoying hassle-free protection.