Become a Service Provider for Centricity

We value our service providers as partners and treat them with the same respect and attention our clients get. Providers can tell they’re part of the Centricity family at every stress-free touchpoint.

Seamless Assignments & Payments

We utilize Service Power, a global, fully mobilized field service management platform to dispatch service, book on-site repair appointments in real time, monitor claim status and manage automated weekly claim payments.

A Dedicated Team

You’ll have direct contact with our service center team. Dispatching is seamless and easy, and we’ll make sure you have what you need to service our customers.

The Know-How to Support You

We have the tech support and knowledge to support you with the information you need to work efficiently. Our data and insights give you the feedback you need to excel time and time again.

A Foundation for Great Calls

When you show up for a job, you won’t be bogged down by customer/consumer questions and concerns. Our team handles customer/consumer with best-of-class customer service that sets you up for success.

If you are interested in becoming a Service Provider please fill out the form below:

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