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With consumers flooding online shopping sites and returning to brick-and-mortar locations, what are the significant factors influencing whether they will buy?

According to a recent study, consumers express a strong interest in protecting their purchases with extended service contracts. That is the #1 factor influencing whether they will make a purchase.

31% of consumers in the 2022 survey said they were more likely to purchase an item if an extended warranty was offered. That’s up from just 24% questioned two years ago.

Centricity offers worry-free product protection that results in customer loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

We believe consumers shouldn’t struggle with getting repairs when a product breaks. Again, centricity removes the worry from extended service contracts.

Retailers that offer hassle-free product protection at the time of the sale will provide customers with the reassurance they need to make the buying decision. Most Americans, fully 63%, say they can’t handle an unexpected $500 repair.

Extended service contracts help protect your customers over time by investing in protection at the time of purchase.

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