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Premier product
protection for 2, 3
or 5 years

In collaboration with BrandSource, Centricity presents Complete Care, a custom product protection plan that fuels revenue while cultivating satisfied and committed customers.

Experience a hassle-free extended service plan that prioritizes customer peace of mind.

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Customer Benefits

Always Full Value

The limit of liability per claim is the retail price of the product as service claims are not deducted.

Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown

Covers 100% parts and labor for covered mechanical and electrical breakdowns that occur during the normal use of the product.

Laundry Benefits (Washers / Dryers Only)

If a washer or dryer is not repaired within (7) days from the report of the failure, the customer is provided up to $25 reimbursement for laundry services over the contract term.

Food Loss (Refrigerator Products Only)

The customer receives up to a $250 reimbursement for any food spoilage that occurs (annually). The product must be functioning for (3) days after installation or repair has been completed.

Our No Lemon Benefit

If a service call occurs (2) times for the same issue, the product will qualify for a replacement or settlement. Claims during the manufacturer’s coverage are not included.

Power Surge

Coverage begins Day 1 and is an additional benefit not offered under the manufacturer’s warranty. For example: brownout, spike in electrical current, etc.

Benefits to dealers

  • No sign-up fees and easy to get started!
  • Free point-of-sale marketing materials!
  • Service your own customers.
  • Dedicated Account Management to help you achieve sales and profit goals!

Why protection matters

  • 63% of your customers are unable to afford an unexpected $500 expense.
  • Extended service contracts from Centricity offers cost-effective solutions in the event a product needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • When a product fails, customers expect a seamless service experience to resolve the issues.
  • Centricity offers peace of mind to every purchase!

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