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Centricity, a rapidly growing lifestyle services company and leader in protecting AgeTech products, announced today that it has joined the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP, an unparalleled innovation ecosystem bringing together cutting-edge thinkers in the longevity tech space to champion meaningful advances so that everyone can choose how they live as they age.

AARP’s decades of exclusive longevity insights, along with the breakthrough collaborative ecosystem and community of innovators positions the AgeTech Collaborative to lead the future of AgeTech. As the first protection company to join the Collaborative, Centricity was compelled by the crucial role of safeguarding products that are essential to senior independence, highlighting our commitment to this demographic.

Centricity specializes in providing customized product protection plans designed specifically for seniors venturing into the realm of AgeTech, allowing them to age in place and stay connected with family and friends. Our protection plans prioritize easy senior-friendly technical support and hassle-free repairs empowering seniors to embrace AgeTech confidently knowing they have a reliable partner supporting their journey towards independence and active aging.

Centricity President Ted Moorthy said, “We are thrilled to join the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP. This partnership aligns perfectly with our goal to empower seniors with the confidence and support they need to embrace innovative technologies. By combining our expertise in product protection with the Collaborative’s pioneering ecosystem, we are excited to contribute to meaningful advancements that enhance the quality of life for older adults.”

About Centricity

Centricity collaborates with retailers, builder solutions companies, distributors, and manufacturers to deliver tailor-made product protection solutions, fostering increased revenue and cultivating a base of satisfied, loyal customers. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Centricity stands as a privately held and wholly owned subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation, a venerable company with more than 47 years of rich history in service and protection. For further information, please visit Centricity’s website.