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In the competitive world of retail flooring, establishing and maintaining customer loyalty is as crucial as any business strategy. Centricity’s innovative approach that stands out is offering flooring protection plans. These plans not only safeguard the customer’s investment but also serve as a robust tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Let’s delve into how these plans work and why they are a game-changer for flooring retailers.

Why Flooring Protection Plans?

Flooring is a significant investment for any consumer. Once they choose their ideal style and type, the next concern is invariably about protection and longevity. This is where flooring protection plans come into play, offering peace of mind against accidental damages which are otherwise not covered under standard warranties.

Enhancing Trust and Confidence

The primary benefit of offering Centricity’s protection plans is the immediate boost in trust and confidence it gives your customers. When retailers provide a way to protect that investment, customers feel more secure in their purchase decision. It sends a clear message: the retailer not only cares about selling products but also about the customer’s long-term satisfaction and experience.

Reducing Post-Purchase Dissonance

Customer loyalty is often jeopardized by post-purchase dissonance, where customers regret their decisions when things go wrong. Protection plans mitigate these feelings by providing a safety net, which can reduce returns and negative reviews. Customers are reassured that their purchase is protected against accidental incidents, which can often be costly and frustrating for flooring retailers to resolve otherwise.

Encouraging Repeat Business

Customers are more likely to return to a retailer that offers added value beyond the initial sale. Centricity’s flooring protection plans can be that value-add, encouraging repeat business. When customers know that their purchase is protected, they are more at ease to invest in higher-quality options or additional products from the same retailer, knowing that the risk of accidental damage or wear and tear is managed.

Differentiating from Competitors

In a market flooded with options, retailers need to differentiate themselves. Centricity’s accidental damage protection plans are an excellent differentiator. They offer a tangible benefit that many competitors may not provide, positioning your store as a customer-centric choice that prioritizes customer needs and satisfaction.

Creating Advocates Through Exceptional Service

A customer who experiences the benefits of a flooring protection plan firsthand is more likely to become a brand advocate. Word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly valuable, and customers who tell positive stories about how their flooring was repaired or replaced under a protection plan will drive more traffic to your business. This organic marketing is not only effective but also cost-efficient.

Leveraging Protection Plans in Marketing

Marketing these protection plans effectively can also play a crucial role in building loyalty. Highlighting the benefits of these plans through various marketing channels—be it in-store signage, online descriptions, or direct customer communications—helps to educate customers on the value of their purchase. Training sales teams to communicate these benefits can further enhance the customer’s understanding and appreciation of the product.

Building a Community Around Your Brand

Centricity’s protection plans give you a reason to keep in touch with your customers, offering opportunities for ongoing engagement during the repair process. Providing outstanding repair service, with no deductibles and no service fees under the Centricity plans, turns a one-time purchase into a long-term relationship.


Centricity’s accidental damage protection plans are more than just a sales add-on; they are a strategic tool for building lasting customer loyalty. By offering these plans, retailers can enhance customer confidence, differentiate themselves from competitors, and build a community of satisfied, loyal customers who are likely to return and recommend the business to others.

In the flooring industry, where every advantage counts, protection plans offer a clear path to customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Centricity’s plans, not only do you protect your customers’ floors, but you also lay the groundwork for a durable business relationship that can withstand the test of time and competition.

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