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Brands are revamping their marketing strategies to place a new emphasis on loyalty programs, personalization, and other consumer priorities.

Many of these shopping experiences trigger a strong emotional response. Brands that connect emotionally with their customers perform better and showed higher loyalty.

A survey of 1,185 U.S. adults showed that the post-purchase journey is the most emotional part of the customer experience. According to the YouGov study, 49% of consumers say they have been incorrectly marketed to by a brand. This sloppy marketing has drastically impacted future purchasing decisions.

42% of consumers say they were retargeted with an ad for an item they had already purchased. And 28% received materials that were not age-appropriate, or for the gender they identify with.

While many of these findings are similar to previous years, one survey aspect provides a strong warning for brands not using personalization correctly.

A vast majority of the consumers, 88%, said they acted against brands with careless marketing. Customer actions included immediately unsubscribing from all of the brand’s marketing content, choosing to block all content from the brand on social media, and 22% even deciding not to purchase from the brand again.

Consumers admit that they are emotionally invested in the brands they buy. 42% said they made impulse online purchases to celebrate something.

These insights into how emotions impact when and where customers choose to shop should be top of mind for brands as customer loyalty becomes more important.

Of the brands eliciting the strongest emotional responses among their customers, clothing, and apparel listed at 47%. Another 29% of customers in the electronics category cited emotional attachments to brands.

With high consumer emotions, brands may not get a second chance when customers are emotionally charged over mistakes.

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