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White Papers

Use our extensive research to help your team drive customer loyalty and satisfaction by selling Extended Service Contract solutions. We provide resources you’ll need to grow your business and foster lifelong customer relationships.

How to Increase Attachment Rates

This Essential Guide for retailers provides 8 tips for increasing attachment rates to sell more product protection. Your customers will be happier and more confident in the products they buy when they purchase worry-free extended service contracts.

Why Centricity?

Read about what sets Centricity apart and the four most important questions to ask your product protection plan provider.

How to Sell More Service Contracts

Find out how age and gender play a role in whether a customer will consider purchasing an Extended Service Contract, and how retailers can sell more.

Case Studies

Read the success stories from some of Centricity’s clients to see how we’ve improved lifetime customer value, increased revenue and boosted customer satisfaction with our unique product protection solutions.


Using images, graphics and statistics, infographics make complex information easier to understand and comprehend. Check out our infographic to find out the Top 5 Reasons Consumers Purchase Extended Service Contracts.