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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Centricity, a lifestyle services company at the forefront of technology and innovation, is pleased to unveil its latest protection program, “Hear for You.” The comprehensive plans are specifically designed to cover RCA Accessories’ over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids.

The Hear for You protection plans offer consumers assurance by safeguarding their hearing aids against accidental damage, coupled with extended service coverage for mechanical or functional breakdowns for a duration of up to two years. These invaluable service plans are now available for all RCA hearing aids purchased online at

Under Centricity’s Hear for You protection, consumers benefit from repair or replacement coverage for RCA hearing aids with no deductibles and no service fees providing peace of mind and minimal disruption to their lifestyle should something get damaged or fail.

RCA Accessories made its entry into the OTC hearing aid market in May 2023, in response to a pivotal ruling by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aimed at enhancing access to hearing aids and reducing costs for millions of hearing-impaired Americans. All RCA OTC hearing aids strictly adhere to FDA requirements and are fully FDA compliant.

“We have made significant enhancements to our product offering and are very excited about the protection plan launch,” said Ian Geise, President of VOXX Accessories Corporation. “Partnering with Centricity made all the sense in the world based on their deep expertise in lifestyle protection products and focus on building age-tech support services that satisfy the needs of our target customers. We will continue to drive innovation in this category addressing the needs of millions of Americans suffering from hearing loss while lowering the financial barrier to entry.”

Centricity President Ted Moorthy highlighted the significance of the “Hear for You” program, stating, “This launch signifies Centricity’s successful entry into the age-tech market. We are enthusiastic about expanding our portfolio of covered products, providing worry-free protection to millions of American consumers.”

Centricity collaborates with retailers and manufacturers to deliver tailor-made product protection solutions, fostering increased revenue and cultivating a base of satisfied, loyal customers. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Centricity stands as a privately held and wholly owned subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation, a venerable company with 47 years of rich history in service and protection. For further information, please visit Centricity’s website.