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Retail and supply chain disruptions affect every retailer, manufacturer, and customer.

Retailers must evolve to meet changing consumer demands to survive continually, much less thrive in this challenging environment.

“In a world that’s under pressure, it’s no longer enough to judge a brand by the delight it sparks in those who use it,” according to Forbes magazine. Instead, it’s also about how much a brand earns a consumer’s trust.

Faced with empty shelves, price hikes, and shipping delays, consumers are experiencing more stress than ever. In addition, consumers became less loyal than ever during the pandemic, switching loyalties to competitors and trying different brands and new places to shop.

65% of consumers surveyed recently said they are highly likely to continue these erratic behaviors in the future.

Maintaining customer loyalty, even during the most stressful times, will depend on retailers’ ability to meet their customers where they are. And right now, consumers are putting a premium on every shopping experience that is convenient, simple, and as satisfying as possible.

Whether in-store, in-app, or online, shopping that meets these three consumer demands is more likely to inspire customer appreciation and, eventually, loyalty.

Faced with emotional fatigue from pandemic life, consumers actively seek purchase experiences that will relieve stress. In addition, purchasing product protection will give consumers hassle-free service if their new purchases unexpectedly break and need repairs.

By providing customers with meaningful benefits and reducing the risk of unbudgeted repairs, purchasing the extended service contract becomes a no-brainer for pandemic-weary consumers.

An essential aspect of building loyalty is ensuring customers don’t struggle when a product needs to be fixed. Centricity provides 24/7 customer service with a nationwide network of service providers.

And risk-averse customers are more likely to purchase a product when an extended service contract is mentioned early in the buying process. Brands that frame their selling pitch around eliminating the threat of loss will easily overcome buyer objections.

From consumer electronics, appliances, and sports equipment to fine jewelry, Centricity offers comprehensive product protection to help retailers and manufacturers create loyal, happy customers.

If you’d like to reduce your customers’ stress and build customer loyalty by offering product protection, contact us today for more information!

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