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In the wake of an 11% global trust decline identified in a 2020 Trustpilot survey, the value of trust and brand reputation are more important than ever. Amid the uncertainties of recent years, consumer skepticism towards retailers has grown, underscoring the importance of a trusted brand as a valuable asset.

Centricity understands the impact of consumer perceptions and encourages our customers to share their experiences about our services. With a current Trustpilot score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, Centricity is recognized for its excellent customer service.

Here are two ways that consumer conversations play a pivotal role in 2023:

  • Unveiling Insights: Today’s informed consumers conduct thorough research before purchasing. With the internet’s omnipresence. Centricity recognizes that review platforms and social media play a crucial role in the buying process.
  • Meeting Elevated Expectations: In an era characterized by viral marketing and the influence of social media, the impact of consumer conversations is substantial. Customer dialogues can make or break a brand. When customers engage with a brand online, it often signifies an unsatisfactory experience.

Research by Review Trackers shows that customers are 21% more likely to provide feedback after a negative experience. Since the pandemic, customer voices have grown more urgent. They voice their needs, and brands that don’t’ adapt will risk lagging behind.

Trustpilot’s recent survey revealed that 88% of global consumers engage in brand conversations to address issues. Additionally, 61% expect brands to publicly respond to feedback. Unsatisfied customers who feel heard are more likely to return and even advocate for a brand.

Centricity strives to respond to all Trustpilot and social media reviews, acknowledging our customers’ compliments and quickly addressing any concerns. Innovation at Centricity is driven by our responsiveness to customer and channel partner feedback, providing an added layer of ensuring customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

The Imperative of Investing in Consumer Conversations

Consumer conversations are happening, with or without a brand’s participation. Engaging and listening to your customers cultivates trust, safeguards reputation and improves customer experiences. Centricity will continue leveraging our customer conversations to ensure not just adaptability but innovation now and in the future.

At Centricity, we recognize that embracing consumer conversations is an essential strategy for success in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. Our 45+ years of experience in product protection has positioned us to drive increased revenue for our retail partners, which results in happy, loyal customers.