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Centricity has built a nationwide network of more than 25,000 local, regional and nationwide service providers to ensure our retailers and manufacturers have access to customized product protection.

Our objective is to help the businesses we partner with drive revenue resulting in happy, loyal customers. We’re always expanding our service provider network to provide more product and territory coverage to our customers. If you are considering joining a service provider network, here are five benefits to partnering with us at Centricity.

  1. Increased business: By joining Centricity’s service provider network, you can access a rapidly growing customer base much more quickly than you could build on your own. And because we are a member of both the National Electronic Service Dealers Association (NESDA) and the Annual Service Training Institute (ASTI), you can be confident you are joining a provider network that shares your commitment to excellence among service and repair professionals.
  2. Streamlined payment processes: As part of Centricity’s service provider network we offer prompt invoice payment with ACH options available, as well as a feedback loop to vendors with business insights and survey results.
  3. Efficiencies and cost savings for you AND the customer: We develop service repair packages for customers that fit their needs, with a wide variety of capabilities including underwriting and administration, insurance and regulatory needs, accounting, training, business development, marketing, and more. Because we manage all of the associated tasks with these service repair agreements, your team can focus on providing excellent repair service, and our customers can focus on making sales to grow their business and meet their customers’ needs.
  4. Our focus on training: We believe that the power of training – for our sales associates, effective, ongoing training dramatically increases sales of service contracts. For our service providers, we tailor our training programs to ensure that they are able to mount a nimble response to the needs of our customers so that together, we can continue to earn customer loyalty and drive revenues.
  5. Customer loyalty each step of the way: We are laser-focused on honoring customers’ time and investment in the products of the retailers and manufacturers who work with us. When they place their confidence and trust in our partners, that trust is in turn invested in our service providers as well.

Learn more about what Centricity can offer you as a service provider by contacting us today.