Program Features and Support


  • Business intelligence — customer insights, manufacturer product failure detail, customer surveys, service performance and more.
  • Training – capabilities to plan, create and execute field and online training.
  • Online tools – interactive web based systems that allow both you and your customers.
  • Partnership reviews – management led full review of program, performance and strategy held quarterly and annually.


  • Total care — a single point of contact for technical support, ongoing program/product updates, and more.
  • Flexible monthly payment — billed monthly, allowing the consumer to be added at any time and automatically renewed annually.
  • Loyalty — offering rewards, VIP features and benefits that encourage service plan purchase and attachment.
  • Allowance — customized by product such as laundry allowance, food spoilage, lawn care, and more.
  • Maintenance — annual allowance gives the consumer product maintenance options and replacement of specific consumable items.
  • One policy —the consumer purchases one policy to cover all items on their receipt, under one program.
  • Aftermarket – missed point of sale opportunities to increase attachment and drive customers to purchase.


  • A+ certified technicians — who remotely diagnose and determine failures in a timely manner while continually working towards a resolution.
  • Advanced exchange program — provides the customer an option to receive a replacement before they have returned the defective product.
  • Removal & reinstallation — includes onsite removal and wall mounting of the covered product by one of our certified technicians. The technicians also perform testing to multiple sources to ensure full functionality.
  • Five-day guarantee — identifies a service provider or center within five days or we refund the retail cost of the service contract and continue to honor the remaining term of the contract.

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