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Stay warm, cool, clean-clothed and fed.

We cover all systems and appliances — all ages, makes and models. No matter how many you have, or where they came from. (But just out of interest, where did you get that retro fridge?)

Service that cruises you through to solutions.

Every call to us is straightforward. It’s easy to sign up, file a claim, or to simply get answers. And we’re always on call — even in the middle of the night…or at 5am when the oven breaks, on Thanksgiving.

Protect appliances for the lifetime they should have.

Landfills and wallets rejoice, we’ve got a plan. We’ve eliminated the costly reality of replacing appliances every few years because it feels like a better bad deal than repairing.

Manufacturer warranties don’t go the distance.

But we do. When you have Centricity on your side, you get the right solution. Whether you need to troubleshoot, repair, or even replace, your bank balance won’t take the hit.

combined chart showing that manufacturer warranties do not go the distance. replacement costs drastically outstrip repair costs in all categories.

We’re the forward-thinking warranty people.

We design value-driven protection products. Balanced to give you the right coverage, at the right time. Home Complete is refined to more than meet the needs of the modern homeowner.

It comes down to anticipating expectations.

The world of extended protection plans needed to make some upgrades. We led the charge. And we’re on top of staying top of our game.

Finally, a home warranty that feels good.

We’re the go-to partner for appliance and homes systems protection. Always standing by, and always ready to keep your machines running.

See how Home Complete keeps your life on track.

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