What is your mailing address?

General Address: P.O. Box 33025, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8025

Claims Office: P.O. Box 33026, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8026

What are your phone and fax numbers?

Customer Service – Phone: 800-345-6282

Corporate Office / Claims – Fax: 844-722-7113

How do I report a problem with my home?

You may submit a claim online through this website. For additional questions, please call 800.345.6282 and follow the prompt.

It’s best to refer to your warranty document, “How to Make a Claim” for instruction on submitting your claim in writing. (Please be aware calling will not reserve your rights under the warranty, and verbal statements will not change or override the coverage as written in the warranty document.)

What is covered by my Centricity® Warranty?

It depends on the particular warranty coverages provided by your builder. Most new-home warranties cover workmanship, materials, systems and major structural defects. Please refer to your warranty document for specific home coverages.

What do I do if I can’t find my warranty document?

A lost warranty document can be replaced for a modest $5 replacement, handling and shipping charge. Request a replacement here. (It may take up to two weeks to process, but we will get it to you as soon as possible.)

Is my warranty transferable?

Yes. The home is covered no matter who lives in it. The warranty transfers automatically upon change of ownership during the warranty period. Request new-owner documentation.