When Is the Best Time to Buy?

From Appliances to Electronics, Here’s Your Guide for Getting the Best Deals

For many consumers, the time to purchase new appliances and electronics is dictated by when their old ones stop working.

But for consumers planning to upgrade to the latest smart refrigerator or 72” big-screen television, price is a huge consideration along with functionality, durability, and brand.

While the best time of the year to buy large appliances is whenever you can find the best deal, there are distinct periods which are known for sharp and competitive pricing to encourage consumers to buy refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. According to U.S. News and World Reports, September to December are historically the best months to buy major appliances.

Major brands usually release new models at the end of the year, and Black Friday sales account for bigger discounts than during any other months of the year.

Black Friday is also mentioned by Readers Digest as the top time of the year to purchase a washer and dryer in order to get the best deal.

These same end-of-the-year holidays also make it prime time for purchasing electronics like televisions, according to Good Housekeeping, Their experts say consumers will get the best prices during the biggest shopping event of the year both in-store and online.

January and February are also excellent months to purchase new electronics introduced at the CES annual tech trade show event held in early January in Las Vegas. It’s also the time when the biggest sporting events have championships and manufacturers promote deals for those big games!

Mobile phone manufacturers have events timed throughout the year to introduce new devices to the market. Apple typically introduces new products in April and September, although in recent years those target months haven’t always been hit due to supply chain issues. Samsung and Google have launched new phones at Spring and Summer events as well.

During new phone releases, previous models are heavily discounted. Depending on whether you want the latest technology, the best time to buy a mobile phone could be immediately after a launch event. But certainly, Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is one of the best times to purchase new technology online, according to Tech Radar.

Cyber Monday’s best deals include tech staples like televisions, laptops, and small appliances as well as Smart Home devices and cameras.

From appliances to electronics, consumers are more likely to make these large purchases from retailers that offer hassle-free extended service contracts. Centricity believes that customers shouldn’t have to struggle when a product breaks and needs to be repaired.

Centricity partners with retailers and manufacturers to provide customized product protection solutions to drive revenue and result in having more loyal and happy customers. If you want to learn more about product protection plans and customized implementation and training for your team, contact us today.

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