Staying Centered Around You in Uncertain Times

We want to take this opportunity to give you an update on the steps we are taking as an organization amid the concerns regarding Covid-19.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our associates while ensuring that we continue business operations with no interruption to our clients and our mutual customers. Within Centricity, we would like to reassure you that we are prepared to continue operations as strong response and active measures are being taken across the nation surrounding Covid-19. 

As a subsidiary of Bankers Financial, we have a formal and documented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan. Specifically, we regularly test and exercise our plans switching over major systems annually, along with exercising the ability to work remotely in the instance that our building is inaccessible for any reason.

During this difficult time with Covid-19, Centricity has activated our Business Continuity Plans and has taken measures for all of our associates to work from their homes. As an organization, we have deployed our plans during previous outages with no impact on our operations. We can confidently assure our clients that we are able to service customers with no interruption to service from remote locations. Our associates have remote equipment to continue operations and the ability to connect to VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access network-specific systems.

Recently, we have upgraded our phone system to a cloud-hosted call center platform that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. We perform daily check-ins with each team to assure that all needs are met, and we are consistently ensuring that our associates are receiving what they need from us to service you.

In addition, we are working closely with our vendor partners regarding their operational capabilities during this time. To date, we know of no changes in their operations. We will notify you of any impacts should the situation change.

Unless notified otherwise, please continue to work with your regular contacts.

Though the current situation that our country is experiencing is unique, by implementing the plans we have developed and tested; we are able to maintain the health and safety of our associates while continuing business operations without disruption to our customers.


As always, we thank you for your partnership with Centricity.