Extended Service Contracts Reduce Consumer Stress

After 18 months of pandemic uncertainty, the results of a consumer survey are in, and they aren’t surprising. Rising stress is one of the major health concerns in the United States.

More than half of Americans say that they are stressed a few times a week, according to a recent CDC report. And fully 90% of consumers report at least one major source of stress in their lives.

This heightened anxiety leads consumers to value simplicity, especially in the products they purchase and the services they use.

Consumers seek anything that simplifies the complex and streamlines their world. From Uber Eats and Amazon Prime, to retail websites that feature virtual try-on options, consumers prefer easy.  And to show their appreciation for frictionless shopping experiences, they spend more money.

In fact, soothing anxiety has become an actual opportunity for consumer product companies. Sales of massage oils, aromatherapy and other anxiety relievers are on the rise.

In these risk-averse times, savvy retailers and manufacturers can differentiate themselves by offering best-in-class extended service contracts. Customers are less anxious and more likely to purchase products if they know they can be protected.

Particularly in these pandemic stressed times, consumers do not want to experience the headaches that unexpected repairs can cause. Bundling their purchases with product protection just makes sense.

Whether it’s an appliance that they use daily or a prized possession like a smartphone, consumers want to protect their purchases. Downtime from these products can cause added stress.

From consumer electronics, appliances and sports equipment to fine jewelry, Centricity offers comprehensive product protection to help retailers and manufacturers create loyal, happy customers.

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