How Homebuilders Are Dealing With COVID-19

Homebuilders have always maintained and followed strict safety measures. However, with the new environment of COVID-19, also comes further safety precautions within the industry. The CDC has released guidelines for the Construction Industry and the National Association of Home Builders is encouraging social distancing, the use of masks, regular hand washing, and sanitizing of surfaces to help maintain employee safety.

Precautions such as social distancing have provided some challenges when it comes to homebuilding. Whereas pre-COVID-19, it would be normal to have different teams working simultaneously for plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc. Homebuilders must now schedule time slots for teams to maintain proper social distancing while onsite. While this may slow down construction, it is vital to keeping workers safe and providing everyone a peace of mind during a time of uncertainty. Companies are also using proper screening to test their employees for COVID-19 and are keeping sick employees home to reduce the risk of exposure for fellow employees and the job site.

Health and Wellness Trends for New Homes

Wellness design trends for new homes were present before COVID-19. However, there has been more of a demand for it among homebuilders and homebuyers since the pandemic. Market research shows that home buyers are looking for products to keep a healthier and safer home. These items include antibacterial surfaces, touchless faucets, and bath fans with LED lights that destroy bacteria, mold, and mildew. Builders are also using odor-reducing paint for improved indoor air quality. These paints are mold and mildew resistant to help rooms stay fresher, longer. COVID-19 is setting new standards as homebuyers see these holistic approaches to a healthier home as mandatory instead of optional. We are excited to see what the future holds for new products that will undoubtedly address the need for anti-viral doorknobs, cabinet handles, and more.

The Housing Market

There has been a recent increase in mortgage loan applications as the market is seeing a lot of interest in home buying; many people are looking for security and assurance of owning their own home.┬áSocial distancing measures mean in-person home viewing is limited at best. It’s important that your company has the technology needed to communicate with potential buyers while maintaining social distancing.

Going virtual for home showings is another tactic being utilized by homebuilders during the pandemic. 3D cameras, detailed floor plans, and virtual tours via face time or other video-sharing apps are great alternatives for prospective home buyers to see a space without putting themselves or your team at risk for exposure.

Centricity continues to stand behind our builders any way we can as we continue to navigate through the new normal and prepare for the future.