February Pays Homage to National Home Warranty Day

Unknown to most outside the industry, February hosts National Home Warranty Day. A day meant to remind us of the vital importance of the most integral parts of our home. For many homeowners, the value of a home warranty can be questionable, however with the proper understanding of the features and benefits they provide; it can easily turn into an essential commodity.

The premise of a home warranty is to provide builders and homeowners with a product that saves them time, money and delivers protection when they need it most. It safeguards all parties from unwarranted stress that is associated with an unexpected repair or failure. Being a provider of these products and services, Centricity knows the importance of why home warranties deserve celebration, as it’s our passion. With this, we felt the need to equip you with the information needed to educate you on the importance of a home warranty.

For builders, home warranties provide added assurance the homes they build are backed when unforeseen circumstances, such as structural defects caused by soil erosion, arise. Without proper protection, these issues could cost a builder thousand in repair costs and legal fees. As an additional benefit, the inclusion of a home warranty provides appeal to the prospective sale of a home and takes the burden off the builder should a covered incident take place post-sale.

For homeowners, a home warranty should be viewed as a tool they can rely on when the unexpected happens. Not to be confused with homeowner’s insurance, a home warranty covers repair or replacement of items that break or malfunction due to normal wear and tear or other covered instances. Major components such as mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling can be costly, easily running into thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Combine this with costs associated with fixing a major structural defect, and you are undoubtedly placed in a financial dilemma. Many homeowners don’t understand the crippling cost or even have the savings set aside to cover emergency breakdowns or structural damage. This is where having a home warranty saves the day.

Backed by a leader in home protection for over three decades, Centricity is proud to be a valued partner for our builders and homeowners across the U.S. and prides itself with providing protection when it counts. Whether a builder wants to guarantee their work with a classic structural new home warranty, energy efficiency product, or more, we have the solutions needed to help them grow their business so they can focus on selling more homes. Homeowners can also rest assured knowing that Centricity gives them peace of mind protection when they need it most. From foundation to finish and house to home, Centricity has you covered.