Product Protection Plays Key Role in Appliance Store’s Customer Retention

A-1 Home Appliance Center, Inc., a family-run business since 1976, is the largest independent appliance retailer in New Orleans with three retail locations and an eCommerce website.


A-1 made the decision to switch to EPIC Protect in 2019 because they were very dissatisfied with their former extended service contract company. “I have nightmare stories of customers crying and being unable to deal with them,” said A-1 Sales Manager Mary Romano. “It’s very important to us to serve our clients because the extended service contract is a reflection on us.”

In fact, A-1 has a long-standing reputation for quality, and their tenured sales staff has built their customer base over decades. “We can’t afford to have a service contract program that could damage the reputation we’ve built,” Romano said. “We knew we needed  a partner that we could count on.”


A-1’s sales are increasing, and extended service contracts are an important part of their revenue.

“We’re very proud of our business, how it’s grown and where it’s going,” said A-1 Controller David Greco. “We’re very excited to have EPIC Protect as a partner. I have a lot of confidence in Nationwide, and I was impressed when they rolled out EPIC Protect.”

In fact, A-1’s trains their sales team to recommend EPIC Protect to all of their customers to protect their investment. “We train our employees to connect with their customers,” Romano said, “You have to believe in the product and be passionate about it in order to sell it as an investment.”

“We know we’re helping our customers,” Greco said. “The cost of the first repair would exceed what they’ll spend on product protection. So it’s worth it to our customers.”


A-1 has sold 37% more service contracts in 2020 than in previous years with an increase in attachment rates.

“We have total trust with EPIC Protect,” Greco said, “You’re easy to work with, and we have a lot of confidence now.”

A-1’s sales team can now confidently sell product protection. “We know you’ll go out of your way to service that customer, so we don’t lose them,” Romano said. “Product protection plays a key role in customer retention.”

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