Benefits of Green Building In A COVID-19 Environment

Green Building and wellness design trends for new homes were present before COVID-19. However, there has been more of a demand for it among homebuilders and homebuyers since the pandemic. Homeowners and prospective home buyers are looking into ways to improve their health and reduce their impact on the environment right where it matters most, inside their homes. The green building movement focuses on reducing water usage, providing cleaner air with proper ventilation/filtration, energy-efficient appliances, and more. The good news is that some of the green building products have a dual benefit when it comes to being mindful of hygiene and wellness.

Why Is Green Building Important?

With more people working from home, prospective home buyers are more focused on a holistic approach to home building, keeping the health and wellness of themselves and their families in mind. This also includes the impact their home can have on the community. We see that the design, construction, and operation of the homes in which we live are responsible for consuming many of our natural resources and affecting our health and well-being. We found these stats provided by Green Built Alliance that show us what is driving the market and why more people are looking for green homes:

In The United States, Buildings Account For:

  • 39% of total energy use
  • 68% of total electricity consumption
  • 38% of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 12% of total water consumption

Social Benefits of Green Building:

  • Enhance occupant health and comfort
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Minimize strain on local utility infrastructure
  • Improve overall quality of life

Products To Consider For Wellness and Energy Efficient Homes

According to a recent report performed by NAHB- millennials are looking for Energy Star®-Rated appliances more than any other green or energy-efficient home features. This is because ENERGY STAR-certified appliances reduce operating costs by lessening energy use without reducing performance.

In an environment where we are told to wash our hands consistently and limit touching surfaces, a touchless water faucet is ideal. It helps reduce water waste and prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria. Smart home products can also help homeowners save money and energy while making homes safer, such as motion sensor lights, programmable thermostats, and AI technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With either of these technologies, you can make just about anything in your home touchless.

An energy recovery ven­ti­la­tion system is another must for energy-efficient, high-performance homes that are built to be airtight. ERVS distribute and condition fresh air and remove moisture from the air to avoid pathogenic bacteria growth. Regulating ventilation in a home also guarantees that pol­lu­tants don’t become trapped inside the house, providing better quality air for the homeowners.

COVID-19 brings a new perspective to green building and setting new standards as homebuyers see these holistic approaches to a healthier home as mandatory instead of optional. We are excited to see what the future holds for new products that will undoubtedly address the need for anti-viral doorknobs, cabinet handles, and more.

Commit To High-Efficiency and Connect To More Buyers

Buyers are looking for green homes. In fact, 85% of home buyers are worried about rising home energy prices, and 90% more are likely to hire builders who guarantee energy efficiency. Builders are looking to appeal to these needs and offer peace of mind with consistent home energy bills. With our Residential Energy Guarantee®, you can let buyers know that they will be saving money with a certified energy-efficient home. Our program is offered exclusively for builders who certify their homes to HERS®, Energy Star, LEED, or the National Green Building Standard.

How our program works: A HERS certificate from a Rater includes the estimated homes’ annual energy usage. The homeowner submits their annual utility bill, and we calculate the difference in use between the certificate and actual amounts. If usage exceeds the listed amount on the certificate by 115%, the homeowner receives a check for the difference.

Centricity knows the value of providing an efficient, eco-friendly living environment, and your homebuyers can rest assured knowing we have them covered.