Technical Support

Keep everything running smoothly

Our homes are full of smart devices: thermostats, garage doors, refrigerators, and more. Your customers value the perks of a smart home, but they don’t want to deal with difficult setup and frustrating troubleshooting. The interfaces and electronic controls on smart devices also can require more repairs than traditional ones. 

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow in popularity, your technical support needs will ramp up. Thankfully, Centricity is here.

We understand how to automate and connect smart home devices to ensure interoperability and convenience, whether it’s setting up a device for the first time or connecting to an existing smart-home network. 


Friendly solutions to frustrating problems

Centricity is your customers’ dedicated technical troubleshooter. Most issues come down to the customer’s home network and call for technical skills beyond your specific product.

Centricity Provides:

  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities
  • Smart Home support and setup
  • Software and device installation, removal and reinstallation

We maintain rigorous training standards so that help is always on hand — 24/7. Providing technical support in a smart home world is a mammoth task. We rise to the challenge.

Every service engagement is an opportunity to grow

We help you learn from hiccups and bumps in the road. Centricity’s technical performance metrics collate field knowledge so that you can enhance products. Our stats provide the real world, objective QA no one else can offer.

  • Product performance feedback
  • Listen live to customer technical support calls
  • Actionable, focused data based on your business goals

Your partner in performance, we provide intel from the front line to help you develop the best products on the market.

Be free to sell, not support

Centricity is 100% aligned with your brand. You can count on our technical skill and our service acumen. Together, we make the smart products perform better. Now, and tomorrow.

Align your business with the best in technical support.