Meet Our Contact Center

A contact center obsessed with customer service

Whether your customers reach out by phone, email, or chat, they’re going to connect with a human who loves solving problems. Our people work in an upbeat, supportive environment, and those feel-good vibes trickle down to every customer they support. That means your customers walk away surprised at how quickly and painlessly everything got handled.

Centricity removes the worry from extended service contracts so your customers don’t struggle with getting repairs if a product breaks. We strengthen the relationship between you and your customers at every touchpoint. 

Support when — and how — your customers need it

From the first hello to a beyond-expectations resolution, we’re engaged with your customers. We’re here around the clock, all year — and all around the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

Our staff can speak your customers’ languages, making communication fast and simple. When it’s time for tech support, we’re there with remote diagnostics, expert troubleshooting, smart device setup, and more.

Data and transparency that keeps you in the loop

We don’t rely on instincts, we rely on data. Real time feedback empowers us to make appropriate adjustments to customers’ needs. The numbers give us insight to meet customers where they are and whenever they need us. The bottom line? We deliver a data-driven, omni-channel, personalized and proactive customer experience every day, to every customer.

  • Data Feedback & Reporting
  • Metrics & SLAs
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Calibration Sessions
  • Quality Surveys

You can trust your reputation with Centricity

When a product breaks, it’s a critical time when a retailer’s reputation hangs in the balance. Centricity takes these moments and turns them into opportunities to build customer loyalty. Our premier customer service speeds repairs and results in happy customers!

We know it’s brutal out there. Drop the ball once, and your ideal customer will turn to a competitor. With social media, everyone will hear about the issue — and there is such a thing as bad publicity. We pride ourselves on saving the day. When the good reviews roll in and people spread the word, you’re the hero.

Our secret weapon isn’t a psychic link to your customers, it’s the combination of our people and our data. We measure constantly, using results to anticipate customer needs — and we never take our performance for granted. As your customers’ expectations evolve, we’ll be right there meeting them.

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