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Not only do we pride ourselves on having great builders, but we want our builders to have the best materials to work with. Windows, masonry and carpentry are examples of materials that are used by the builder and fall under our workmanship standard. This guarantee is defined by the construction performance standards during the warranty period of the home.


Ensuring that the home will be free from defects in electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. This coverage encompasses the wiring, piping and ductwork of your new home. Potential defect will be clearly defined in the Construction Performance Standards.


Our Structural New Home Warranty reduces uncertainty and instills extra confidence for our builder and the buyer. The warranty provides coverage for major structural defects, meaning physical damage to load bearing portions of the home. Our structural warranty not only covers parts of the home like framing, we also cover soil movement and have for the last 25 years!


We also cover more than just your home! Provide your homeowners with the ultimate appliance protection. This program offers comprehensive, all-brand coverage for builder installed or homeowner purchased appliances. Additional benefits include food spoilage, transferability and optional HVAC inclusion.

Residential Energy Guarantee

An exclusive new program available to builders who construct and certify homes that meet industry standards for energy efficiency. You build a new home and have its energy performance rated and certified according to one of the industry standard programs such as HERS®, Energy Star, LEED or National Green Building Standard. At closing, the home is enrolled in our Residential Energy Guarantee program. We’ll handle all the paperwork and communication with your homebuyer. At the end of each year, if the homebuyer’s actual energy usage (gas and electric) exceeds the projected usage listed on the HERS certificate by more than 15%, we’ll reimburse the homeowner for the cost of the overage.

You won't see it, but you'll be glad it's there

Our industry revolutionizing leak and workmanship warranty provides an additional layer of roof protection and peace of mind for the homeowner. This 5-year warranty is designed for roofing contractors who have the ability to become licensed and certified. Benefits for the homeowner include up to $1,000 to offset or cover their homeowner’s insurance deductible for interior damages caused by a roof leak.