Technical support for a smarter future

Consumer products are becoming “smarter”, everything from thermostats, to garage doors to refrigerators are now Wi-Fi enabled which allows consumers to control them remotely. What this means for manufacturers, retailers and distributors is they are now receiving more calls than ever, most of which revolve around troubleshooting a consumer’s home network. With estimates of the Internet of Things (IoT) install base growing to over 30 million, these calls will only continue to increase.

Technical Support

That is where Centricity comes in, we act on your behalf and allow you to focus on selling products not servicing them. Centricity has A+ Certified Technicians who can remotely troubleshoot and diagnose these types of issues, and if needed we can dispatch a technician to go onsite to the consumer’s home.

Centricity Provides:

  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities
  • Smart Home device support and setup
  • Software and hardware installation
  • On-demand technician dispatches
  • Self-help tools
  • Device removal and reinstallation
  • Feedback on product performance

Our technicians welcome a new challenge, so please give us a call today to see how we can help!

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